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The “Angels’ Candlelight Bless Hong Kong Charity Concert” Raised Some HK$300 million to Support the Work of Welfare Council and Diocese of Eastern Kowloon

In the afternoon of 5th January, the Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui Welfare Council and Diocese of Eastern Kowloon jointly held the “Angels’ Candlelight Bless Hong Kong Charity Concert” at Verdant Art Centre of Diocesan Boys' School. In his speech, Dr Donald Li, Chairman of the Welfare Council Board of Directors, said the concert aimed to raise funds for the Welfare Council’s child bereavement counselling service and stroke rehabilitation services, as well as the pastoral care services of Diocese of Eastern Kowloon and Holy Carpenter Church. Thanks for the Loving Angels who pitched in time, capital and effort, the concert successfully raised over HK$3 million.


After months of social unrest in Hong Kong, Dr Donald Li said the “Angels’ Candlelight Bless Hong Kong Charity Concert” was intended to spread positive energy and blessings among Hong Kong people. He hoped we could remain confident in the future as angels always bring light in dark times. Dr Donald Li also praised S.K.H. churches, schools and social service units for their joint effort in organising the concert. In the days ahead, he hoped more beautiful souls would support our missionary work in order to change lives of the needy.


Comprising 17 performances, the concert opened with impressive dancing and singing by the “singing angels”. The “Angels’ Candlelight” was organised into 2 parts: the first half, “Vocalize” by S.Rachmaninoff, was rewritten and performed in Chinese; while the second half, “Wir eilen mit schwachen, doch emsigen Schritten” by J. S. Bach, was performed in German. The highlight of the concert was a rendition of “Amazing Grace” by the Most Revd Dr Paul Kwong, the Rt Revd Andrew Chan, the Rt Revd Dr Timothy Kwok and Dr Moses Chan, Chancellor of the Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui (the Anglican Church of Hong Kong), and the concert closed with a hundred-strong choir comprising members of theH.K.S.K.H. Collegium Musicum Sacrum, various church choirs, Diocesan Choral Society and DBS Symphony Orchestra singing Handel’s “Messiah”.


The Rt Revd Dr Timothy Kwok, Bishop of the H.K.S.K.H. Diocese of Eastern Kowloon, one of the representatives from the organiser, was indebted to the concert’s Music Director/Conductor Jimmy Chan and Artistic Director Rao Lan for their participation in the concert. He also thanked Dr Jane Lee, Director of the Welfare Council, for her fabulous performances and dedicated efforts as she did not only initiate the event but also helped find sponsors and performers. Last but not least, he was grateful to Diocesan Boys' School headmaster Ronnie Cheng for offering free performance venue. The concert would not be made possible without their support.


Funds raised by the concert will go to support different services. One of the beneficiaries will be the Welfare Council’s non-subvented child bereavement counselling service. Approaching bereaved children who actively seek help or through referrals from hospitals, social service organisations or schools, the service provides bereavement and emotional support to children and teenagers aged 3 to 18. Its social workers or counsellors offer grief counselling services to the service users through different means of intervention, helping them deal with a loved one’s death. The service also organises various activities to encourage mutual support between bereaved families and improve existing interactions and relationships.


Another funded project—the S.K.H. Stroke Rehabilitation Charity Fund—was established in 2015 by the Welfare Council, which aims to support stroke patients not affordable to high fees to undergo prompt rehabilitative treatment so that they can get back on their feet as soon as possible. From 2015 to November 2019, the fund has already subsidised 80 stroke patients to undergo rehabilitative treatment. Out of these patients, 80% of them could reintegrate into the community and 90% of them reported improved self-care ability and mobility after rehabilitation services.


Diocese of Eastern Kowloon’s pastoral care service projects including the spiritual care project and life education project will be also funded. The spiritual care project aims to develop devotional and spiritual care infused with S.K.H. characteristics to holistically and diversely promote integrated spiritual care. It hired a spiritual mentor to arrange spirituality workshops, group activities, talks, individual sessions and retreats for church members, and supported the Church of St John the Baptist to renovate its retreat camp and garden. The life education project combines the assistance provided by the S.K.H. churches, schools and social service units to offer holistic care and parental education activities focused on starting life education at home. The project will consolidate the service experiences of H.K.S.K.H. Calvary Church, H.K.S.K.H. Holy Cross Primary School and the Welfare Council and promote its services to parishes and mission churches of Diocese of Eastern Kowloon so as to enrich lives.


Situated in Hung Hom, the H.K.S.K.H. Holy Carpenter Church provides missionary services to S.K.H. Holy Carpenter Secondary School, S.K.H. Holy Carpenter Primary School, S.K.H. Fung Kei Primary School, S.K.H. Fung Kei Millennium Primary School, S.K.H. St. Timothy's Primary School, Holy Carpenter Community Centre, Holy Carpenter District Elderly Community Centre and Holy Carpenter Guest House. Pilot schemes by S.K.H. churches, schools and social service units are often introduced at the Holy Carpenter Church. While supporting people in need through various service projects, the Holy Carpenter Church organises different parenting courses, parents’ support groups and on-site services for schools. Other than that, it also teams up with social service units to hold fellowships and activities for people from various parishes to spread gospel.